Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Erin, and I have been working with feathers for several years now creating pieces for fashion, print/film, bridal, and interior decor. It is my passion to create beautiful and unique art using cruelty-free feathers. I started working with plumage almost a decade ago when I ventured into the world of bridal accessories after taking a millinery program at George Brown College in Toronto. I just fell in love with the beauty and versatility of feathers, and decided I’d like to focus exclusively on feather design after studying the work of Parisian Plumassiers such as Nelly Saunier and Maison Lemarié. Erin Lightfeather Art + Design was born purely through experimentation, and the desire to create something new and exciting with this one very specific medium.

I currently source my supplies from  domestic waterfowl farms in Canada (and one from California, USA.) I mainly use goose and duck feathers, and the batches I receive are naturally shed. I sometimes get more exotic varieties such as ostrich and peacock from peafowl aviaries and an ostrich farm here in Ontario. I source my feathers from a free-range environment where the birds have been given an opportunity to roam free and live a happy, healthy life. though my variety is limited, those limits in turn have become an inspiration. I am able to paint, trim, sculpt, and decorate my feathers in a assortment of colours, shapes, sizes that make it seem as if I have a wide selection from which to choose.

Since 2014 I have been working directly with clients creating made-to-order feather designs. I am currently preparing to launch on e-commerce section of my new website to sell ready-made, limited edition art and accessories.

Previous achievements include:  Winner of the H&M + Fashion Magazine Conscious Couture design contest 2013, and a feature in Martha Stewart Weddings S/S 2010

If you are a free-range bird farmer or hobbyist in Canada and you would like to sell your feathers, please email me at: erinlightfeather@gmail.com (at this time strict import/export laws prohibit me from buying most raw materials outside of Canada.)

*I’d like to note that I am not a wholesaler. I receive and process all of my feathers in relatively small batches and I am unable to handle large quantity orders at this time. I clean, bleach, dye and/or paint all of the feathers myself in my in-home studio in Toronto, and these steps take quite a bit of time!

If you have a specific idea in mind, please send me a message. I love to do custom work!